Legal translations – Translation of economic texts

Selecting and applying of the proper vocabulary, including specialist legal terms in translated texts, is essential. The vocabulary of the business law industry or the one we deal with during notarial activities is characterized by specific jargon, terminology or phrases where even a slight deviation from the target language can change the meaning of the entire translation and bring undesirable results. Our law firm offers legal, specialized and economic translations, including translations of texts of high-quality notarial deeds. Translations are made by an experienced team of sworn translators and experienced specialist translators as well as verifier specialists.

Legal translations

Our law firm offers comprehensive legal translations such as applications, lawsuits, lawyers’ letters, judgments and court orders, notarial deeds, content of court settlements and notary agreements, wills and other documents issued by the judicial authorities.

Our translator’s office has a long experience in the field and extensive knowledge of legal language, specialist economic language and other.

Translation of economic texts

The highly specialised language of economic texts requires a special approach and translator’s linguistic competence as well as extensive economic knowledge. Our translator’s office also offers interpreting during business meetings, language services for companies and participation in contacts with foreign contractors in the country and abroad. The translator’s office offers comprehensive financial translations, including balance sheets and financial statements, reports of statutory auditors, bank documents, including bank statements or bank reviews, bank credit information documents and equivalents in the Netherlands BKR (Bank Credit Information) or Schufa-Auskunft Germany, a company that collects information about the financial soundness of third parties.

We do translations of notarial deeds in the shortest possible time. Typical examples of documents translated in this field are notarial deeds of purchase of housing, acts of transfer of ownership of a cooperative flat, preliminary and promised agreements, founding acts of companies, including founding acts of limited liability companies, founding acts of joint stock companies and, for example, partnerships or other legal structures. Sworn translators participate in the course of notarial activities carried out at the notary as well as in other designated places, such as the shareholders’ meeting, board meetings, ordinary and extraordinary assemblies, during granting proxies, accepting or rejecting inheritances and other activities where people who do not speak Polish are involved and signing  a notarial deed requires the presence of a sworn translator.